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The High Country Ramblers are an active group of RV owners in Valley County. Each year we participate in two State functions wherever they are held. During other summer months we usually schedule a trip per month to areas in Idaho or surrounding states. As part of these trips we often fish, boat, hike or explore back country roads or trails on ATV`s.

Each summer we try to take an extended trip somewhere in the northwest. Other trips for the summer will be planned around state meetings as well as additional trips on months between the meetings.

So come join us on the first Tuesday of each month for the business meeting and to discuss up coming events and outings. Check the monthly minutes sent by our secretary to find the location and time of the next meeting.

Annual membership dues are $25.00 per rig at the local level. National membership can easily be obtained (at a discount) with a visit to Camping World in Meridian.

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