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Thank you for reviewing the Sourdough Sams web site to learn more about this chapter of the Idaho Good Sam organization. This chapter was formed to generate friendships and lasting relationships with other Good Sam members. New members are welcome to join from either within the state of Idaho or from neighboring states. The chapter meets two times each year at each of the Idaho State Good Sam functions, the summer Samboree and the Fall Roundup. Being a statewide chapter, members like to travel to different locations. Therefore, a trip is planned each year, usually either before or after one of the state meetings. In the even years, a longer trip is taken that could last for several days. During the odd years, a shorter trip might be taken that lasts only a few days and which might be in close proximity to where the state meeting is being held. These trips can be to either a location that has been enjoyed and recommended by other members of the group, or to a place that members have not been before but would like to see. This provides members with the opportunity to visit areas either within Idaho or to see places out of state where they may not have traveled before.

The Sourdough Sams were organized in 2001 by a group of Good Sam members from South Eastern Idaho who enjoyed the camaraderie of camping together. Later they invited members from other parts of the state to join the group and the chapter became a statewide chapter. Because one of the original members of the group liked to make sourdough pancakes for at least one breakfast during their campouts, the group decided to call themselves the Sourdough Sams.

The Sourdough Sams encourage new members to join us to enjoy the traveling experience. Membership in this group provides the opportunity to meet fellow RVers and to make lasting relationships with other Good Sam members from all over the state of Idaho and its neighboring areas. Please contact our President noted on the Idaho Good Sam web page, or any of the Sourdough Sams members, for answers to any questions you may have and to discuss joining our group.

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