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October 9-12, 2013
City Park, Emmett, ID

The Southern Idaho Campout has taken place in the Emmett City Park for the last 19 years.

Mornings in October may be chilly, but the campfire is warm and inviting.

Seems like you can always find a game of Pegs & Jokers to join.

This campout always coincides with other events going on in Emmett. While the harvest festival
was happening on Main Street, a Renaissance Faire was taking place out at the sports park.

The kids really enjoyed the mock battles. "Give 'em sticks and let 'em hit on each other."

Meanwhile, back at the park a game of bean-bag baseball is in progress.
Bert is on third, (the tree), and Boots is ready to charge for home.

A bunch of us went to Cold Mountain Creek Restaurant for dinner.

Blue and orange... Guess what we are getting ready for.

Saturday afternoon we were entertained by Shelby, Taylyn and Grazzie.

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