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September 15-18, 2016
Power County Fairgrounds, American Falls, ID

The Fall Roundup took place at the Power County Fairgrounds in American Falls.
The theme of the event was "BEST ROUNDUP BY A DAM SITE". The fair grounds in American Falls was an excellent facility for the Fall Roundup and there are many nearby places of interest to visit.

Director Joyce Barcus conducted the meetings.

John Lounsbury handed out lots of door prizes. Our thanks to John and Eldona for organizing and conducting this event.

Store managers Dave and Betty Morrison were recognized for the great work they have done. The state organization is actively seeking someone to replace Dave and Betty as they are unable to continue managing the store.

Harold and Jean Hilliard were also recognized for being game coordinators for the last 16 years. The organization is also seeking to replace Harold and Jean.

The veterans presented a very moving ceremony in honor of POW/MIAs.

Nila and Roberta took first place in the Pegs 'n Jokers tournament.

Monica and Roger, first time partners, won the Pinochle tournament.

Pastor Dave gave out free back massages to those who hit a triple in the bean-bag tournament.

Massacre Rocks State Park was one of many places to visit in the area. Others included Register Rock and nearby museums. At least one chapter visited the City of Rocks on their return to the Treasure Valley.

Harold and Jean celebrated their retirement as game coordinators by sharing a bananna split.

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