Game Rules Idaho Good Sam Organization


Use one deck of cards per player.


The object of the game is to get all of yours and your partner's pegs in their respective Castle before the opponent(s) get theirs in their castles.


Deal five (5) cards to each person.
Each player draws one card at the beginning of his turn.
An A K Q J or Joker, brings one peg out of the home position.
You can, at any time, move your peg or your partnerís peg on a play.

The Joker is a wild card. You can replace any other peg with your peg. Your partnerís peg goes to his Castle in-spot and opponent pegs return to their Home position. A Joker can also be used to bring one peg out and be traded with any peg on the board (not in the Castle).

EACH TURN: Lay down a card to play, move a peg the appropriate number of holes, i.e., Ace = 1 hole, 2 = 2 holes, etc., up to 6 = 6 holes

7 Ė Can be used for 1 peg or split between 2 pegs for your own or partnerís pegs, moving forward only.
8 Ė Can only move yours or your partnerís peg 8 holes backward.
9 Ė Moves 2 pegs - yours and/or partnerís; 1 peg forward and 1 peg backward. If you have only one peg in play, not in the home position, the 9 moves forward only.
10 Ė You can split the 10 any way you want between any two different colored pegs (yours, partner or opponent), forward or backward.

FACE CARDS - Can bring one peg out of Home or be used to move 10 holes forward, only, and cannot be split.

LANDING ON ANOTHER PLAYERíS PEG: Opponent peg goes to its Home. Partnerís peg goes to Castle-in position.

PASSING: You cannot pass your own peg but can pass partner or opponent peg.

If you have no pegs in play and no card to come out, you must pass your turn until you and your partner(s) have drawn and discarded the drawn card 3 times without a start card. On the fourth draw, you can bring a peg out, but cannot move it from the home position on that draw.

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