Game Rules Idaho Good Sam Organization


(Hole - E - Board)

  • Board distance will be 16 feet between Black end of one to Back end of the other. A measured piece of twine will be furnished.
  • Starting (tossing) position: One heel even with the back edge of board and then one step is permitted.
  • Scoring: Closest hole scores 1, middle hole scores 3, furthest hole scores 5. Each player's washers are totaled and the lower number subtracted from the higher number. The resulting number is the winning number for that round and the player scoring the winning number records that winning number on the score sheet.
  • First team to score 21 or more after all washers have been tossed is the winner.
  • A third party score keeper will be in attendance for each game.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute an unbiased judge will render a decision.
  • To establish which contestant tosses first, it will either be agreed on by the two teams involved, or each will toss all three washers on a clean board and the resulting highest score will start first. Tied scores will toss again.
  • Thereafter each contestant will toss one washer at a time.
  • Starting with round two, the contestant with the highest score from the previous round will be first to toss.
  • In the case of a tied score from a round the same starting position will remain in effect.

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