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Swing Golf is played with two teams of two players each. Ladders are placed 25 feet (or ten steps) apart. One team player is located near each ladder and each team has three golf ball bolas. A bola is two golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of a ladder. The ladder consists of three steps, a top, middle and a bottom step.

Playing the Game:

Swing Golf is played in rounds, a round consists of one player from each team tossing three bolas. A coin toss may be used to decide which team will toss first. Opponents alternate tossing their bolas. Bolas can be tossed in anyway the player chooses, as long as they are tossed individually. The team winning a round earns the first toss in the next round.

Games are played to a point total of 21, the first team scoring 21 or more points wins.


After each team has tossed their three bolas during a round, scoring is determined by the bolas that are still hanging from the steps. Players can knock-off bolas during the course of the game, in fact knocking-off other players bolas is encouraged and is a good way to play defensively. Bolas that are knocked off during play do not count as points. Only bolas that are left hanging after all bolas are tossed are counted as points. Bolas wrapped around the side of the ladder but touching a step do not count. Also, bolas that bounce off the ground first do not count even though they may be hanging on a step.


Points are determined by which step your bola wraps around. The top step is worth 3 points the middle step is worth 2 points and the bottom step is only worth 1 point. Each player's points are totaled and the lower number subtracted from the higher number. The resulting number is the winning number for that round and the player scoring the winning number records that winning number on the score sheet.

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