Game Rules Idaho Good Sam Organization


A set of double 12 dominoes will be used. Two to eight people can play each game. The number of tiles to be drawn by each player is as follows:
2 players - 16 tiles 5 players - 13 tiles8 players - 10 tiles
3 players - 15 tiles6 players - 12 tiles 
4 players - 14 tiles7 players - 11- tiles 

TO PLAY: A double 12 is used to start a game, however, for a shorter game, any double can be used. After each player has drawn their tiles, the player who has the double being used to start each hand, will place that double in the center (Start Position). If no one has the starting double in their hand, then all players will draw an additional tile, this should be repeated until the starting double is found. The player with the starting double will then be the first to play.

The first player has the option of placing a tile on their own train, or starting the Mexican train, by placing a tile with the number to match the starting doubles, facing the center. The next player, (in clockwise rotation) can start their own train, or if no Mexican train has been started, they can start that one. Once the Mexican train has been started, any player can then match the outboard number of the train with the same corresponding number, i.e., 12/7 to 7/9 to 9/4 etc. A player's own train will be matched in the same way.

Any time a player cannot match any "free" tile, they must draw one tile from the "bone" pile. If that tile cannot be played, they must place a marker on their train signifying their train now has a "free" tile to play on. In order for a player to remove their marker, they must play a tile on their own train.

DOUBLES: If a double is played, that player must "satisfy" that double by playing another matching tile on the double. If they cannot, they must draw one tile from the "bone" pile to see if it matches. If not, the player places a marker on his train and the next player must try to satisfy that double in the same manner. This continues until the double is "satisfied".

The only exception to the requirement for "satisfying" a double is if the double being played is the last tile in the player's hand. In which case, the player wins that game.

When a player plays their next to last tile, they must tap that tile on the table, notifying their opponents. If this is not done and another player notices, the player must draw another tile. When the round is won, each player totals the dots on their remaining tiles and records that number. The player with the lowest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

When a round is completed, the next lower set of doubles is used to start the second round, etc.

TOURNAMENT PLAY: All games start with the double 12 and end with the double 0. The winner of each game, depending on the number playing then plays a playoff game with another individual winner to determine first, second and third place standing. If time is short, the referee will decide which doubles to start each round with and how many rounds to play.

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