Good Sam Parking Guidelines

Mission statement: To provide general guidelines for the parking committee to follow when arranging and parking RVs during state functions.
  1. Lay out parking patterns to provide a space twenty (20) feet wide and forty-five (45) feet deep for each RV parked.

  2. Dinghies and tow vehicles should be kept within the space allotted for each RV. If this is not practical, a lighted secure area away from the streets shall be provided for all of the dinghies and tow vehicles. A fenced-in area is not necessary to provide security.

  3. A stripe or mark shall be provided four (4) feet in on the right side of the parking space. The right side is viewed from the front of the parking space. The stripe is a guideline for the left wheel of the RV. This will allow for the slideout to be extended without entering the adjoining space.

  4. A fire lane thirty (30) feet wide shall be provided between rows of RVs and along the sides of the parking area to provide ingress and egress for all vehicles. An unattended vehicle cannot be parked in this area, except 15 minute parking will be allowed for picking up or discharging passengers. This vehicle has to be attended while in the fire lane.

  5. Members of Good Sam chapters should be parked together, if possible, but their RVs may be parked across the fire lane from each other.

  6. The center row spaces may be back-to-back to facilitate space requirements.

  7. Electrical hookups should be provided, if possible, on an "as needed" basis, however an RV needing electricity may have to park separate from their Good Sam group

  8. A parking map should be provided to each group attending a state Good Sam function.

  9. Assistant State Directors should be parked in the general parking areas.

  10. Only Good Sam state officers and state Sound Manager shall be parked next to the meeting area or hall.

  11. Electrical stations should be marked for recharging motorized wheel chairs and electrical scooters.

  12. Generators can be run from the hours of 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM. They shall be attended while they are running.

  13. Never, under any circumstances, are RVs, dinghies or tow vehicles allowed to park or be parked in such a manner as to block anyone else, whether intentional or not.

  14. The pattern can be adjusted to allow for irregular lots.

  15. The parking will start at 8:30 AM and cease at 5:30 PM. Anybody arriving before or after this time must find a parking officer to park them.

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